Get your Organisation Nominated for the SME Innovation Top 100

12 Feb 2019
Author: HSD Foundation

Have you successfully launched an innovative product? Are you the innovative entrepreneur who wants to grow your business? Get your organisation nominated for the SME Innovation Top 100. Registration is open untill 19 April 2019.


The SME Innovation Top 100 is an unique opportunity to increase the visibility of your innovation and business, and to offer innovators in the SME sector a chance to network and gain knowledge. It will be the 14th edition of this event which is organised by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. 



Expert panels from different sectors will grade the nominations in June. The nominations will be graded on the impact for the branch and society, originality, turnover and growth potential. After this pre selection, a ranking of the SME Innovation Top 100 will be determined. The ranking given by the jury is based of the nominations of the experts. In addition, the jury will investigate the websites of the nominees and will do research on the web pages of the enterprises based upon Google. Later this year, a festive meeting will take place and the jury will announce the ranking.


The benefits summed up:

  • You get access to new networks which are unknown or seem impossible to reach. Examples of these are ministries, provinces, knowledge institutions but also other entrepreneurs.
  • You get attention in national, local and regional media and specialised press.
  • You get access to possible innovating and new product and market combinations: entrepreneurs participating at the SME Innovation Top 100 will be encouraged to collaborate.

Register here before 19 april 2019!

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