Funding Opportunities for Innovative Internet Projects

29 Apr 2015
Author: HSD Foundation

Nowadays the internet is present in almost every aspect of our daily lives: SIDN acknowledges this and stands for a strong, open and reliable web for everyone. This is in line with the GCCS’s mission statement to promote a free, open and secure cyber space.


To accomplish this goal, SIDN invests in innovative ideas and projects which strengthen the internet or implement it in an innovative way. At this moment SIDN Funding seeks for daring projects involving the internet that can make a difference.


SIDN is looking for:

1) Innovations for a stronger web.

For example projects that contribute to open and free internet, by means of new applications of digital technology or innovative and user friendly software/hardware. But also projects which enables the youth, but adults as well, to use internet safely and confidently by developing their internet skills.


2) Innovative applications of internet.

For example projects that realise societal and/or economic impact as a result of using internet in an innovative and creative way: e.g. business models or new ways of working, but also solutions for societal issues concerning education, healthcare, durability, safety, etc.


Submit your idea

Do you have a revolutionary idea for a stronger web or an innovative application of  internet? Visit for more information and submit your idea! You can sign up with a project twice a year, for this period the deadline is the 18th of May.


Next to SIDN Funding there are other funding opportunities available. The HSD Finance Guide gives an overview of these opportunities.