Free Practical Research for Companies: Audit on Quality, Safety & Security or Environmental Issues

09 Apr 2014
Author: HSD Foundation

Are you willing to provide first year students Safety and Security Management Studies, from The Hague University of Applied Science, the opportunity for a practical research project at your company? Your organisation will be audited on quality, safety and security or environmental issues, without any financial obligation.

The research project 
About six students will help you during five weeks, to give an objective advise on how to improve on the subject of your choice, without any financial obligation. The audit will involve a document review as well as a set of interviews with yourself and a number of your employees.The interviews will each take about an hour. In addition to the interviews you are requested to give students access to relevant documents, such as protocols and manuals. Confidentiality is guaranteed.


The students will start in week 18 and audit your company on quality, safety & security or environmental issues. The final presentation will be in week 25. A comprehensive checklist will be used, based on ISO 9001 (OHSAS 28000 for safety, ISO 14000 for environment). The maturity model developed by Carnegie Mellon University is integrated in the approach.


More information
For further information and application procedure, please contact drs. H de Bruine (, 06 22 93 67 10) of ing. K. Kuru MSc (, 06 24 24 35 36) from The Hague University of Applied Science, founding partner of HSD.


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