Fox-IT, Tracks Inspector, and iCOPP on Their Choice for the HSD Campus

15 Sep 2014
Author: HSD Foundation

Since its opening on February 13 2014, 14 partners established themselves at the HSD Campus, the national security innovation centre in The Hague. Recently, iCOPP, Fox-IT, and Tracks Inspector, a Fox-IT spin-out, were welcomed to the campus.“For iCOPP and our consortium partners the HSD Campus is an important, strategic, and political networking environment says Otto Vroegop, Managing Director of iCopp.


iCOPP: "The HSD Campus is an important, strategic, and political networking environment"

"When it comes to security, public actors increasingly rely on information collected by private actors. In such occasions net centric cooperation is essential. We fulfil in this need with a smart and horizontal solution. By integrating sensors, network, data, visuals, and analytics we are able to offer an extensive Common Operational Picture, which can be shared with partners in the public and private security domain via our intelligent Common Operational Picture Platform (iCOPP)” Vroegop continues. “In this way invisible information of sensors and data from various sources is visualized in a uniform, enriched, and real-time manner. This creates Shared Situational Awareness in case of an incident and makes reliable imaging and subsequently responsible judgment and decision-making possible.”


Vroegop emphasizes: “For iCOPP and our consortium partners the HSD campus is an important, strategic, and political networking environment. ‘The place to be’ for further developing ideas and proposals in order to achieve more innovation across the chain and the network. Within our own consortium, we work together in order to create solutions for complex problems. This is only possible because we can connect our knowledge and expertise. Moreover, iCOPP’s solutions are in continuous development, so to say. Because of our demand oriented approach, we adept to what our partners require. We can’t make it alone, but together anything is possible.”


Fox-IT: "Sharing our experience with others on the campus will make our society more secure”

Fox-IT is an internationally operating IT-security firm and one of the founding partners of The Hague Security Delta. “We have several divisions: crypto (protecting secrets), forensics, monitoring and emergency response & investigations. We help our customers with dealing with incidents but most and foremost we advice our customers strategically on how to become more secure before incidents happen” says Menno van der Marel, CEO and Co-founder of Fox-IT, who further emphasizes the importance of prevention: “We take an ‘organizational photograph’ of their current level of security and advice them on how to set up and manage their own Security Operations Centre.”


Since August 2014, Fox-IT has a team of developers working at the HSD Campus. The team is responsible for one of Fox-IT’s innovative projects to detect cyber attacks on organizations’ infrastructures. Van der Marel explains: “Fox-IT chose to be at the HSD Campus because it first of all supports the aim of The Hague to become Europe’s top security city. We have sessions on a regular basis with potential customers in The Hague so we feel we also need to have a presence here. Besides customers, our colleagues from various firms or government agencies have an office or regular meetings at the HSD Campus. Being part of that group of people is of great value to us.”


Besides the advantages for Fox-IT itself, Van der Marel also sees clear benefits for other HSD-partners: “Having investigated numerous cyber incidents around the world, we believe that Fox-IT is one of a handful cyber companies in the world that has unique operational know-how. The things we learn in the field are used to advice our customers in order to make them more resilient against cyber threats. Sharing our experience with others on the campus will make our society more secure and that is what Fox-IT is about.”


Tracks Inspector: "The HSD Campus provides us with exactly the environment and network that we need as a start-up company”

At the beginning of August, Tracks Inspector B.V. opened its new office at the HSD Campus. Tracks Inspector is a spin-off company that resulted from a management buy-out from Fox-IT. It will be completely focused on the further development and delivery of the Tracks Inspector solution to law enforcement and corporate customers through its channel partners in Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and North America. Tracks Inspector is a collaborative, web-based platform enabling detectives and investigators to quickly process and extract valuable information from mobile devices and computers without having to wait for the digital experts in the forensic lab, resulting in quicker and more effective prosecutions.

Hans Henseler, Managing Director of Tracks Inspector says: “The HSD Campus provides us with exactly the environment and network we need as a start-up company with a strong focus on digital forensics and international ambitions. We have an exciting product with a great potential in the rapidly changing field of digital forensics that requires constant innovation and international exposure to law enforcement.”


Overview of current HSD Campus’ residents

  •   HSD Office (since 13 February)
  •   Cyber Security Academy (since 13 February)
  •   HCSS (since 13 February)
  •   Crowdsense (since 17 March)
  •   vanderVoort Cyber Security (since 13 February)
  •   Tax Office Internet Service Centre (since 1 April)
  •   ICOPP (since 1 April)
  •   Thales (since 15 May)
  •   TNO (since 1 June)
  •   Tokenizer (since 1 June)
  •   Authasas (since 1 June)
  •   ITSX (since 1 June)
  •   National Police (since 1 June)
  •   Tracks Inspector (since 1 August)
  •   Fox-IT (since 1 August)


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