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The goal of ThreadStone Cyber Security is to secure SME’s in Europe against cybercrime. Therefore, ThreadStone developed a subscription based Cloud solution (SaaS) – ThreadScan - that is accessible, easy to use and attractively priced. With ThreadScan it is possible to detect all kind of vulnerabilities of websites and internet connected devices. Because of the attractive pricing, Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s) are able to apply ThreadScan to manage and fix their vulnerabilities. ThreadStone acts as ‘a hacker from the internet’ and uses a unique business approach by setting up a business case with hosting companies, web developers, value added resellers and insurance companies. They can make use of easy to use and fully automated meters, so SME’s can quickly see how vulnerable they are. From the score of the meter, the end-user can buy a subscription via the Reseller. With the subscription the end-user gets a structural solution for managing and fixing vulnerabilities and keep protection against cybercrime for the future. ThreadScan also reveals who is responsible for vulnerabilities. ThreadScan can support a large part for the upcoming law for hailing data leakage (already applied in the Netherlands from 2016), for instance by providing full history of vulnerabilities that have been found and what has been done by the responsible person or organization.


The scan of ThreadScan is developed by ThreadStone Cyber Security in cooperation with TNO. Therefore, the scan contains much more information than competitors.

For instance:


  • Based on the URL, what e-mail addresses are available on the internet?
  • Can these e-mail addresses easily be used for cybercrime?
  • Are there e-mail addresses that already have been hacked?
  • Is information about the company available on the ‘dark-web’?
  • What is the reputation of the website on the internet (this is something else than Search engine optimisation )?
  • Is the website being used for phishing or malware?
  • Is the website vulnerable for attackers?
  • Can a password attack be performed easily?
  • What is the risk/impact of an attack for the company / website?
  • Etc.


Because ThreadScan is fully automated, pricing is very attractive. When ThreadScan can be rolled out on a national or even European level, awareness of cybercrime can be increased and cybercrime itself can be reduced for Small and Medium sized Enterprises!!


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