EYE New HSD Premium Partner

27 May 2021
Author: HSD Foundation

EYE is one of the new Premium Partners who have recently joined the HSD Community. EYE is a cybersecurity company that solves cybersecurity for the SME market by combining effective measures with cyber insurance. The service of EYE offers a high level of security immediately upon completion, with employees monitoring the systems of customers around-the-clock. 


The mission of EYE is making Europe digitally safe. They aim to achieve this by making the knowledge and experience that they gained while working at the General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) affordable and therefore available to mid-market entrepreneurs. EYE specifically focuses on protecting SMEs against cybercrime. They combine monitoring, detection and incident response with awareness activities and tailored advice.


Reason for joining the HSD Community


EYE decided to join the HSD cluster because HSD offers the opportunity to connect with peers and other cybersecurity enthusiasts. “It is an all-in-one platform that brings news, trends, education and business together in order to make the world a safer place. It’s no longer each for their own, but we are all in this cyber war together, each of us contributing with our own expertise, experience or vision” says Job Kuijpers, CEO.


The added value that EYE sees in joining the community is that HSD makes it easier to connect with other experts in this industry while making cyber security more approachable for everyone. As a result, EYE can join forces with other partners in the cluster in the battle against cybercrime.  


The intangible nature of cybersecurity 


EYE feels like one of the challenges in the security domain is the intangible nature of cybersecurity due to its complexities. Job Kuijpers:


“SMEs feel like they have to battle against the best-in-class hackers, while not having the knowledge nor the budget that enterprise organisations have. Making security available for SMEs helps us protecting our economy and more importantly, their business.” 

EYE is already active in the HSD cluster, having partaken in the Final Presentation during Capstone Entrepreneurial 2021, where entrepreneurs in cybersecurity got the chance to meet up with master students in order to teach the students about entrepreneurship in cybersecurity and to practice it. HSD hopes for many more fruitful collaborations in the years to come.