Experts See Strong Rise in Cyber Security Investments

23 Apr 2015
Author: HSD Foundation

The recent rise in attention for cyber security is beginning to reflect on the stock markets. According to a recent report of research organisation Markets and Markets, revenue in cyber security will have grown by 50 percent in 2017. "It comes down to the fact that companies, with the increasing number of often random cyber attacks, spend money on their digital security", explains Anurag Rana, an analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence.


The CEO of Lloyds stated that cyber security has become a ‘boardroom-issue’, which has doubled the number of requests for cyber security insurance. More and more investors therefore choose to include cybersecurity shares in their investment portfolio.


Martine Hafkamp, winner of the 2012 ‘Gouden Stier’ for Investement Expert of the year, also recently mentioned the strong investment opportunities in cyber security. She sees this as a large growth sector due to the increasing depency of businesses and consumers on cyber security protection measures. Companies operating in the field of cyber security benefit from this. According to some estimates, the market will grow to a size of about 75 billion euros this year. This attention is also great news for cyber security businesses, as capital is necessary to develop innovative ideas into working systems/products. HSD aims to increase economic development and brings together investors and innovative (startup) businesses. In this way, HSD partners can grow into the publicly traded companies of the future.


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