EclecticIQ Forms Partnership to Protect Cyber Security in New Zealand

15 Nov 2016
Author: HSD Foundation

The New Zealand Internet Task Force (NZITF) will connect its members through EclecticIQ Platform – a  secure solution that consolidates cyber threat intelligence from multiple sources to foster in-depth analysis, and enables easier information sharing with trusted partners. NZITF is a non-profit organisation with the mission of improving the cyber security posture of New Zealand. EclecticIQ makes extensive use of STIX and TAXII, which are OASIS open-source standards enabling automation of threat intelligence and incident response workflows. With the agreement between NZITF and EclecticIQ, members of the New Zealand Internet Taskforce will have access to EclecticIQ Platform through an online portal. Through EclecticIQ Platform, NZITF members can share critical information about malware and other online threats among themselves and with New Zealand’s wider cyber security community.


Combatting Cyber Threats

New Zealand Internet Task Force Chair Barry Brailey says information sharing is an important part of working to combat cyber threats, and a tactical imperative as the number of global security incidents continues to rise. “EclecticIQ Platform provides a central hub for us to gather, digest, normalise and de-duplicate intelligence from our member base. We can streamline and funnel information coming from many different places into a single view, giving us instant access to information that we’ve previously only ever shared via email and face to face,” says Brailey. “Our agreement with EclecticIQ is a step along the road towards more automated data sharing for the Task Force which, ultimately, is a good thing for New Zealand’s overall security posture,” he says. EclecticIQ CEO Joep Gommers says the agreement positions the New Zealand Internet Task Force extremely well to make better use of the increasing volume of cyber threat intelligence. “In helping defend and mitigate cyber-based threats, the Task Force needs to be able to collaborate, and to quickly and easily share information. We’re pleased, through this agreement, to be able to help them do this with our Threat Intelligence Platform,” says Gommers. NZITF is a non-profit organisation with the mission of improving the cyber security posture of New Zealand.


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