EC Call for Papers on Cyber Security Training and Awareness

22 Dec 2018
Author: HSD Foundation

Ready to write an article on Cyber for the European Commission? Join their call for papers for CyberEDU on cyber security training and awareness. Register by 24 January 2019 to make a submission and submit your proposal before 24 February 2019. Best Papers are presented at conferences in 2019 like CyberShare conference, APWG Awareness Summit or round tables.


Under the auspices of the Romanian and Finnish Presidencies of the Council of the EU and in partnership with main European and international stakeholders, it is the aim to stir the discussion and to produce a book with several short papers from this call.


Cyber security training and awareness is a topic of intense debate. Generally, all decision makers agree it should take the prime spot on the agenda and this is even reflected in the national cyber strategies all around the EU. But when discussing investments in both public and private organisations there is a proven lack of follow-up most of the time. Being under-budgeted for years it leaves place for little improvement and never ending repetition of this well-known line ‘human as the weakest link’.


Submission Guidelines

To participate and deliver a paper, submit an abstract of one page with the main ideas, including the author name and affiliation/organisation, by 24 February 2019. You can only submit a paper after registering before 24 January 2019. Submissions of original work are invited, papers are not to overlap with already published work. All submissions will be reviewed by members of the programme committee


For more information and to submit your paper, follow the link to the official page.