Dutch Security TechFund Invests in SonicBee to Make Data Access Secure and Compliant

23 Feb 2021
Author: HSD Foundation

Dutch Security TechFund invests in SonicBee, with which the fund of TIIN capital further realises its goal to make society more secure. They do this by investing in companies where cybersecurity is central. SonicBee, which has a clear vision on how data access and security at organisations should be addressed, fits seamlessly into the strategy of TIIN Capital's fund to build a broad portfolio in this area.


With SonicBee's expertise and cloud-managed Intelligent Access platform, both large and medium-sized companies together with semi-governments are assisted in organising and securing all access to company and personal sensitive data. A very topical issue given the recent incidents in government and industry where data leaks occurred because access was not properly organised. Anne van Naerssen and André Koot, CCO and CCSO respectively, as well as the co-founders of SonicBee, say: ‘The number of people and devices that need access to data within an organisation is increasing exponentially. By giving customers, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders access to specific data and applications, the mutual exchange of data increases, and organisations can work more effectively and faster as a consequence, save a lot of money. It is therefore important that access to data and applications happens safely, quickly and in compliance with regulations. Not only for large companies, but also for SME's.’


SonicBee's CEO, Patrick van der Valk, is enthusiastic about the investment by the Dutch Security TechFund. ‘It enables us to invest in the further development of our Intelligent Access platform and to support our customers in organising their data access and security in a safe, smart and efficient way. We also perceive the team of TIIN Capital as a sparring partner to realize our ambition to emerge as a European leader in IAM services’.


With regard to the fund, Michael Lucassen, managing partner at TIIN Capital, sees SonicBee's product as a technological solution and, for that reason alone, an awesome addition to the portfolio. ‘Recent incidents with governments and businesses where things went wrong, underline once again how important data security and access management is. As Dutch Security TechFund we believe in the technology, knowledge and ambition of SonicBee to make data security in the Netherlands and beyond safer’.


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