DITSS Active in 3 Horizon 2020 Proposals

09 Oct 2015
Author: HSD Foundation

DITSS, one of the 3 core regions of HSD, and several of its partners have submitted 3 Horizon 2020 proposals: Vigilant, PR3Active and Isometric.

Vigilant uses advanced software technologies to track groups, cells and individuals preparing for and threatening with terrorist attacks. DITSS works closely together with the National Policy and DLOS and coordinates the Dutch representation in this proposal.

PR3Active is aimed a natural disasters. The 3 PRs stand for: PRepare, PRedict and PRotect. The project introduces new measure and sensor technologies for extreme climate and physical conditions in the world: Flash floods, wild fires, extreme temperatures & heat waves and drought. 

Isometrics includes intelligent social media tools and routines for innovative coordination and support of public safety in Europe. Living Lab Stratumseind is seen as a good-practice, operational fieldlab and end-user for this project.

HSD Partners involved