CybExer Technologies Premium Partner in HSD Community

26 Nov 2019
Author: HSD Foundation

After announcing June of this year the expansion to the Netherlands, Cybexer Technologies now also has joined the HSD community as Premium Partner. Beginning of November Cybexer was introduced together with 10 new other partners to the HSD Community.


CybExer Technologies a NATO-awarded Estonian cybersecurity company with the mission to empower people and organisations in ensuring their cyber security. Their focus is on the human aspect of cybersecurity – to ensure that risk factors related to human behavior are minimised and to enable swift decision-making and rapid operational response to potential and actual cyber threats. CybExer Technologies owns one of the most advanced cyber ranges in Europe. It can host a variety of technical exercises with a diverse range of technologies, including those involving SCADA systems. The cyber exercises test the abilities of teams to response to cyber incidents.


On the question why they became Premium Partner Director Merle Maigre says: “The Hague presents several benefits as a new location for our business, such as the vicinity to the major European economies in the Netherlands, Belgium, UK and Germany. The excellent reputation of The Hague Security Delta cluster and the availability of talent makes us confident that this is the best location to grow our business.”


As challenges in the security domain, CybExer Technologies strongly believes  that cybersecurity is not merely a technology issue. Humans are the most important link -  at every level, starting from strategic decision makers, to technical response teams and finally the everyday users.


“Being part of the community, we can offer the full spectrum of solutions, from our independently deployable standard solutions to fully customised based on substantial client-expert interaction, and everything in between. Together with our delivery partners, we offer a comprehensive roadmap towards ever increasing robustness and continuity in the face of evolving cyber threats. Our risk-based approach helps organisations priorities their investments and efforts to improve readiness and effectiveness within their budget constraints.”