Cyberus Joined the HSD Campus with a Permanent Office

20 Jan 2021
Author: HSD Foundation

In January 2021, Cyberus established an Office at the HSD Campus at the 8th floor. Cyberus is a consultancy and interim agency that delivers services and expertise in IT Auding, IT Risk Management and IT Compliance. They have a strong network with a variety of sectors, including the financial sector, IT Service Management, healthcare, corporate, public and TMT sector. 


The team of Cyberus and the connected interim professionals have a track record in IT Auditing, Risk Management, Compliance and Cyber Security. Based on its substantive knowledge and experience, they are able to correctly understand the customer's need and is capable in offering the appropriate solution.


Dwayne Valkenburg, Cyberus: "The reason we haven choose the HSD Campus as our base is because as an IT Audit, Risk & Compliance consultancy we would like to broaden our network and share it with the residents of the Campus. In addition, the location is perfect because I live nearby in Voorburg."

Cyberus is looking forward for the possibilities to collaborate with the other residents of the HSD Campus. Unfortunately, having coffee in person for an introduction will not be possible due to Covid19. However, feel free to reach out for a virtual introduction