‘’Cyber Security is Responsibility of Everyone’’ Dick Berlijn on Security and Trust

06 Jan 2016
Author: HSD Foundation

The Internet can be compared to our climate: it is everyone’s property, and thereby at the same time no one’s property. But as well as with our climate, it is everyone’s responsibility to secure our digital environment. Recently, an interview on cyber security and data with Dick Berlijn (senior advisor) at Deloitte, HSD Premium partner, has been published.

Data propelling force for innovation
In the interview, Dick Berlijn informs about dependency on data, cyber crime and cyber risks. However, Dick Berlijn also mentions the large opportunities the cyber environment offers. Innovative products are among others a result of access to data and knowledge as well as the Internet and digitalisation.

Data is the propelling force for innovation. According to Dick Berlijn, is data is the new gold in our hyper connected world. It is beneficial for more efficient coordination of society and business processes. But where gold is, are thieves; criminals, spies, hackers and enemy powers.

Are you interested in reading the complete interview with Dick Berlijn? Read the interview here in Dutch.