CSA Team Wins Best Paper Award at the NATO STO/IST-122 Symposium in Tallin

22 Oct 2014
Author: HSD Foundation

The paper of the Cyber Security Academy entitled "On (the Emergence of) Cyber Security Science and its Challenges for Cyber Security Education" by Jan van den Berg, Jacqueline van Zoggel, Mireille Snels, Mark van Leeuwen, Sergei Boeke, Leo van de Koppen, Jan van der Lubbe, Bibi van den Berg and Tony de Bos has won the BEST PAPER AWARD at the NATO STO/IST-122 symposium in Tallinn, October 13-14 2014, a beautiful result based on fruitful cooperation between scientists and lecturers from the Cyber Security Academy The Hague and the LDE Center Safety & Security.

Paper Abstract
Next to providing the Cyber Security Academy with all kinds of opportunities, the complex global cyberspace domain involves a lot of cyber security challenges. Among those challenges, the design and implementation of up-to-date cyber security education is crucial. Having been challenged to create an MSc programme cyber security for professionals, the Cyber Security Academy soon discovered that the scientific body-of-knowledge underlying such a program is not immediately available in a structured way. As a consequence, they were forced to design the program by putting information, knowledge, and methodologies together from all kinds of scientific disciplines and cyber sub-domains. In this paper, the Cyber Security Academy reports about their findings by (a) sketching the chosen conceptualisation of cyberspace and its security challenges, (b) the reasons why they have chosen to adopt an integral cyber risk management approach, and (c) the resulting profile and general set-up of the programme. Their work also resulted in all kinds of new insights. The Cyber Security Academy illustrates the latter by elaborating their new cyber security risk management approach, which can be considered as a fundamental extension of existing popular information security risk management approaches.

About CSA
The Cyber Security Academy Foundation (CSA) was launched on 6 February 2014 and is in line with the ambitions to further develop The Hague Security Delta into a leading European security cluster with strong and diverse expertise and knowledge in the field of security. The main reason behind the launch of the CSA is the growing demand on the labour market for specialists who can contribute to increasing the resilience of governments, organisations, and citizens on the basis of a coherent vision and approach.

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