Collaboration between HSD and Greenport West-Holland

03 Oct 2020
Author: HSD Foundation

On 2 October, HSD and Greenport West-Holland have signed a partnership to start a collaboration in the field of digital security in horticulture. For example, HSD joins the Greenboard, the partner council of Greenport West-Holland. Greenport West-Holland is the regional network organisation of government, industry, educational institutions, and knowledge institutions. Together they work on a vital and sustainable future for the regional horticultural cluster. HSD is also a network of businesses, governments, and knowledge institutions that work together on knowledge development and innovation in (digital) security, with the aim of a safer world, more activity, and more jobs.


Security and reliability

Automation and digitization play an important role in horticulture. For example, in the field of cultivation, production, logistics, and sales, many digital services and products are used by various links in the chain. This makes the security and reliability of the data used increasingly important. This concerns cybersecurity risks in the field of IT, as well as specifically those of Operational Technology (OT). HSD focuses on these issues, among other things by connecting innovative companies in the field of digitalisation and cybersecurity with each other.

Therefore, The Hague Security Delta and Greenport West-Holland have decided to join forces to work together on digital security for and with the entrepreneurs in both clusters. With this, The Hague Security Delta and Greenport West-Holland bring knowledge and acquaintances together. The collaboration does not stand alone. It is a precursor to possibly broader cooperation in the field of cyber resilience in the province of South Holland. This cooperation will be embedded in this conjunction with other economic sectors, network organisations, and the regional development company in consultation with the Economic Board South Holland.


Collaborating on digital security

Jolanda Heistek, Greenport West-Holland program manager: “Data is essential for most companies in the horticultural cluster. This data assures, for example, that crops can be controlled more efficiently and sustainably, or that the chain can be set up more intelligently. It is therefore essential that the cluster thinks about and is aware of the security of data, for both individual companies and of partnerships. This goes beyond setting a password: it is a chain approach. That is why we are pleased that HSD wants to work on digital security together with its partners and our network.”

Joris den Bruinen, General Manager of HSD: “By entering into a partnership with Greenport, we can jointly increase the social impact in the field of digitization and cybersecurity within the horticultural sector and also increase the resilience of this important sector. This cross-pollination contributes to the development of innovations that meet the needs of the horticultural cluster and the need to cover the additional risks. Giving guidance to the content and the process, initiatives can achieve product development, social innovation, and economic returns. ”

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