Call for Participation: Involvement of HSD Partners in Cooperation between HSD and the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (Northern Ireland / UK)

25 Apr 2017
Author: HSD Foundation

On 2 June, HSD Office will visit the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT), a cyber security cluster organisation – with a focus on innovation and knowledge development – in Belfast, Northern-Ireland. In February this year, during a visit of CSIT to the HSD Campus, CSIT Director Godfrey Gaston, Head of Strategic Partnerships & Engagement David Crozier, HSD Director Richard Franken and HSD Innovation Liaison Bert Feskens already discussed a possible cooperation between CSIT and HSD, with an additional focus on a broader worldwide network of security networks/clusters. We are now looking to further the cooperation between HSD and CSIT and would like to actively involve our partners.


CSIT offers an environment that encourages collaboration among academics, researchers, engineers, industry and government to accelerate the results of research through to commercial application. Being an independent entity within the Queens University Belfast, CSIT offers an entrepreneurial approach in the area of cyber security, which contrasts with the more conventional way academic research is undertaken. They have already attracted over 100 high-tech Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and start-up companies. Their multinational partners include Altera, BAE Systems, Cisco, Infosys, IBM, Intel/McAfee, Roke and Thales.


Let us know via if you are interested in: expanding to the UK/Northern Ireland, getting to know CSIT and its partners, exploring CSIT’s research and innovation trajectories or any other form of cooperation.