Call for Participation: INTERPOL World 2019 & Expo

01 Apr 2019
Author: HSD Foundation

From 2-4 July the INTERPOL World takes place in Singapore. It is organised by the Innovation Centre Directorate and will primarily focus on co-creation between police and likeminded industries, academia, think tanks and industry to work on solving the security and public safety issues of the future. The organisation is looking for speakers in the broad field of security. Are you interested in sharing your expertise? Or would you like to be part of the Exhibition? Please contact David Lim of INTERPOL World. 



The three day INTERPOL World is seeking to aid and enhance the awareness of emerging security and crime issues that the 194 member countries of INTERPOL will face, by looking at


  • Global Safety Today (2 July 2019, Tuesday)
  • Improving Security for Tomorrow (3 July 2019, Wednesday)
  • Forecasting and Planning for the Future (4 July 2019, Thursday)


By providing a forum for policing and security agencies to discuss and articulate the current and future environments, and considering the innovation and capabilities that are currently available as well as how they may be used or enhanced. To facilitate these concepts the following is proposed for INTERPOL World 2019:


  1. 32 Co-creation labs focused on exploring solutions to particular real-life law enforcement problems. Police thought leaders will share their challenges with solution providers and academia to showcase innovative and unique solutions to security threats.
  2. A series of working groups, empowering law enforcement agencies with useful data and tools to continuously improve and strengthen relationships with the communities they serve. The groups include the Chief Innovation Officers Expert Exchange, Cryptocurrency and Darknet, AI, and Drones working groups.
  3. Plenary for keynote presenters elaborating on perspectives for the future and new capabilities aiding security and public safety.
  4. Exhibition for over 250 industry partners to present their capabilities and services. 
  5. Networking events.


Co-creation labs

INTERPOL World 2019 will be focusing on a series of Co-creation Labs. Co-creation labs are planned to be 1.5 hour long sessions, resembling breakout meetings, where a small group of attendees, drawn from the visitors of INTERPOL World 2019 at first come first serve basis, discussing specific subjects or aspects of the broad theme of the event. Focused on exploring solutions to particular real-life law enforcement problems, they aim to actively engage industry, community concerned with the pursuit of research, law enforcement and government agencies in working through a series of public safety and security challenges that are facing our global communities.


The Co-Creation Labs - ranging in size from 50 to 250 people - will take place in four distinct environments located within the exhibition floor. Each lab panel will in principle comprise of three leading experts: one from law enforcement or a likeminded agency, one representing academia, and one from industry with a moderator opening the session, securing timely deliverance of speaker’s content, and facilitating discussion.


Do you want to share your expertise during the Co-creation labs, please contact David Lim of INTERPOL World.


For more information about the Expo, click here.