Call for Participation in Programme Cybertech Fairfax Conference

19 Jan 2017
Author: HSD Foundation

On 13 June 2017, the Cybertech Fairfax Conference will take place in the US at the Fairfax County Cyber Security Cluster. The event is a follow up on Cybertech Israel and will focus on strategies and solutions for the global cyber threats that meet the diverse challenges for a wide range of sectors including finance, infrastructure, utilities, defence, communication and government. The conference will also provide an exhibition of a variety of  innovative technologies, which are key to fighting such threats.


Participate in Cybertech Fairfax Conference

As a result of the MOU between HSD and Fairfax County Economic Development Authority (Virginia, USA), HSD partners have the possibility to participate in the programme. HSD Partners are also invited to visit this ‘invitation only’ event that will be free of costs. For more information, please contact Jatinder Kaur Khosla of Fairfax County Economic Development Authority via email



The event will bring together some of the decision makers from the cyber industry under one roof. 250-300 People will attend this conference. Besides visitors from the Fairfax County region, delegations from around the world will be present.


More information about the cybersecurity ecosystem in Fairfax County, VA.