Call for Participation: Opportunity to participate in the ASIS Europe 2017 Exhibition

12 Jan 2017
Author: HSD Foundation

The ASIS Europe 2017 Conference is organised in Milan on 29-31 March 2017. ASIS is a global community of security practitioners tasked with the protection of assets - people, property, and information - uniquely positioned to deal with enterprise-wide risks. The ASIS Conference 2014 was organised in The Hague and next year the ASIS Conference will be organised here again.


Business opportunities for HSD members

ASIS Europe offers a unique opportunity to attend their European exhibition in Milan, together on a standlocation with other innovative security organisations from other European security clusters. HSD partners get the opportunity to have a stand at this exhibition for discounted price.Currently we are exploring the opportunities for our partners to join this initiative.


Cyber-physical threats in hyper-complex, connected environments are the core themes of the event. ASIS Europe 2017 will gather a very concentrated audience of senior decision makers from all over Europe and the organisation expects a large contingent from the US. Target groups for the conference are officers responsible for keeping organisations secure, sustainable and resilient.They will have challenges on innovating their cyber security and protection of their comprehensive Critical infrastructure. Innovation is needed.  

Participating in this exhibition will give you insight into the issues large organisations are dealing with and will give you the opportunity to share your expertise on these issues.


As one of the attendants stated:

With the boundaries between the physical and the virtual worlds rapidly disappearing, how threats are labelled is no longer relevant (if it was relevant at all) – you just need to know how to stop them.”

Axel Petri, Senior Vice President Group Security Governance, Deutsche Telekom, Germany


If you are interested to attend at the exhibition floor, please contact