Call for Papers: 8th Edition of Netherlands!

18 Jun 2022
Author: HSD Foundation

Researchers and hackers from around the world are welcome to work on the next Big Thing in security! If you've done interesting offence/defence research on any hardware and want to share it to the security community, it's time to submit your research paper! The authors of all accepted papers are invited to present their research in-person in the Netherlands between 27 - 28 October during the 8th edition of Hardwear.io2022.

Hardwear oi NL is a platform for the hardware and security community where researchers showcase and discuss their innovative research on attacking and defending hardware. 


Before submitting your research, it is good to know that there are three different categories. In category A ‘’New Research’’ you provide a deep knowledge technical track that includes new research, vulnerabilities, zero days or exploits. If your research or talk has been published/showcased (partially or entirely) before, it will fall under current research category even though there are enhancements/changes to the original research (category B, current research and workshop category) this category comprises known security issues, new research presented/published elsewhere, case studies, twist to an existing research, vulnerability, exploit or research-in-progress. Lastly, category C comprises open-source security tools, exploits, hardware etc. This is an excellent opportunity for the original authors to showcase their work to the world. For an overview of the benefits of each category, click here.


Your research will not be published in an academic journal so there is no strict format. You can submit your research without a full-fledged research paper: if you prefer to just describe the research details under "Full Technical details" in the form, that is also sufficient. Or, you can also upload your work in the format of a paper. After submission, all research will be subject to review by the review board. The reviewers will not know the names/affiliations of the authors. The authors of all accepted papers are invited to present their research in-person in the Netherlands between 27 - 28 October 2022. The talks will be recorded and uploaded. 


For the complete submission format, tips and terms click here. Deadline is 15 August.


Security Delta is endorsing partner of the 8th Edition of in The Netherlands.


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