Blue Tulip Award for Pandora Intelligence

12 Jun 2020
Author: HSD Foundation

On Thursday 11 June Blue Tulip Awards presented the eight winners in the categories: Climate, Education, Finance, Health, Living & Working, Mobility and Security. For the category Security Pandora Intelligence is crowned as winner. 


Pandora Intelligence has invented a way to translate disparate data into narrative scenarios. Moreover, the company applies the latest data science techniques to combine historic datasets, with real-time information, into operational future scenarios. These future scenarios help (non)governmental organisations and commercial companies mitigating threats and enhance opportunities.


Earlier this year the organisation of the Blue Tulip Awards 2020 announced the top 25 innovators for the eight themes of the Blue Tulip Awards 2020. HSD Partners, Scalys and SIM-CI were nominated in the category security.


The Blue Tulip Awards is a year-round ecosystem-driven program aiming to accelerate innovators, build powerful collaborations and drive breakthrough innovation. The Blue Tulip Awards started the year with close to 700 innovations entering the Blue Tulip Awards program. Providing startups and innovators with a clear call to arms: connecting eight inspiring, issue-based themes with new ideas that have immense potential to transform our future. By driving collaboration between the brightest minds and accelerating the most promising innovations to reach their full potential, we can start improving the way the world works and lives right now.




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