Accenture Innovation Awards 2015: Vote Now

06 Jul 2015
Author: HSD Foundation

Registration for the Accenture Innovation Award is closed and it is now possible to vote for the participating innovations in the category Safety & Security. The digital evidence dashboard of HSD partner Tracks Inspector and HSD Development Fund project Sam Outdoor are amongst the participants.


Article 1th of June

The Accenture Innovation Awards 2015 is now open for application. On the basis of ten important innovation themes Accenture is looking for the most innovative concepts in the Netherlands. One of the themes is Safe & Secure Society and HSD is one of the awards’ network partners. Innovative concepts could range from new technology, new business models, to new cooperation models.

Participation in the Innovation Awards is a way to put your innovation in the centre of attention. Different development programmes throughout the year offer a chance to get in touch with corporates and potential investors. Accenture collaborates with large national and sector specific media, generating a lot of media attention for participating concepts. The jury (corporates, academics, politics) judge content and performance. If possible they will give tips on how to improve both aspects.

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HSD Partners involved