80,000 Euro Available for Creative Innovative Solutions to International Challenges

30 Dec 2014
Author: HSD Foundation

The Municipality of the Hague is looking for creative, innovative solutions to international challenges, including the safety & security of societies. A subsidy of €80.000,- is available for innovative ideas for a product, campaign, service or event in which social impact is the main priority.


The world is growing ever more complex and the issues we face are increasingly international. These issues have a direct impact on the people living in the city. Such issues include international safety and security, energy, climate and food. The government cannot resolve these issues on its own. Such situations demand a fresh perspective and a new approach to organisation and collaboration from all those involved. In The Hague, the municipality is looking to join forces with the creative sector, the business community, knowledge centres and international institutions to solve these complex issues of modern society. For this reason, the city has launched a contest.


The Hague aims to encourage businesses and other organisations to develop new concepts through its Hague Innovators subsidy scheme. Priority will be given to concepts which contribute to the realisation of cross-over solutions that combine various disciplines and sectors. You can submit your proposal until the 5th of January 2015 (5:00 p.m.).


Cross sector collaborations are highly encouraged. However the organisation submitting the proposal should be a company organisation or foundation from the creative sector and based in the Hague.


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