3rd International City Podium (ICP) in The Hague

07 Oct 2015
Author: HSD Foundation

The performance of organisations in the field of security depends largely on access to (international) talent. Therefore, HSD has committed itself as partner of the 3rd International City Podium (ICP) in The Hague. ICP is a meeting place for international students and professionals and employers in the Greater The Hague region. For HSD partners it is a great opportunity to expand their business networks in new directions and access untapped pools of talent.


Previous editions were very successful and uncovered and nurtured unexpected opportunities in The Hague region for both personal and organisational growth. The 3rd edition will take place on 10 November at the WTC The Hague. Due to the interactive character of the event only 500 people can attend.



BNR Anchor man Rens de Jong will guide you through a highly dynamic show:

5.30pm    Registration with a drink and a bite
6.00pm    Uncovering opportunities for growth                      

  • Booming topsectors in The Hague region                                        
  • Interdisciplinary crossover: where are your skills needed the most?                      
  • Strong and unusual brands - why they're looking for you                      
  • Talent journeys towards their Passion, Purpose and Potential

7.30pm   Networking, matching and drinks


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