€ 10 Million Extra to Support Innovative Start-ups with Valorisation of Their Ideas

26 Jan 2017
Author: HSD Foundation

Convert innovations created by universities and knowledge institutions into concrete products and services that results in jobs and revenue. That is the purpose of valorisation. To support these innovative organisations with the valorisation, Minister Kamp of Economic Affairs announced the release of an extra 10 million euro. The start-ups and knowledge institutions can use the money to further develop and launch their product into the market.


The 10 million euro is in addition to the existing ‘valorisation programme’ of the ministries of Economic Affairs and Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. This programme runs from 2010 to 2018 and has a total budget of € 63 million. Universities and other partners of the programme have already doubled the amount to € 132 million.


To realise this valoriation, the HSD Office facilitates the Dutch security cluster by bringing together supply and demand, offering insight into funding opportunities, connecting investors and by looking at possibilities for upscaling.