The Hackathon for Good #5 Winner Announced

01 Dec 2022
Author: HSD Foundation

And the winners of the Hackathon for Good #5 are… the North Sea sharks team! They won the 'Assess the Impact of Governmental Policies' challenge by creating an open-source governance tool that gathers information from administrative, specialised sources, social channels & public internet and making it accessible for policy creators. The team received the €3,500 prize, that they may use to advance their concept, or for other endeavours.


During this event 130 hackers from 20 nationalities joined one of five different challenges aimed at utilising data sets, OSINT, cloud infrastructure tooling, AI applications and aspects of ethics, security, and privacy by design. The challenges were all aimed at creating impact for a sustainable, peaceful, and secure world. It was a hybrid event which took place at the Hackathon Hub in the city of The Hague.


Jan van Zanen, mayor of The Hague officially opened the Hackathon for Good on Friday November 25 with the words: “The programmers at this event will be looking at real questions, dilemmas, and challenges, and the aim is to arrive at practical solutions. (…) There are 48 hours to exchange knowledge and ideas, to be inspired, to find ways of applying digital technologies that will make the world just a little bit better.


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The Hackathon for Good started in 2018 as a collaborative project between governments, universities, entrepreneurs and knowledge institutes committed to peace, justice and security. The Hague was the evident place to host the hackathon due to its leading position in international law and human rights. The Hague Tech, in collaboration with WorldStartup are organizing the hackathon to: “accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship, but also adopt innovation for building a better world” as Olga Wielders, Co-Founder of The Hague Tech explained.


5 teams were competing in the finals and presented their solutions to a renowned jury. The jury included:


Jill Wilkinson - Managing Director Humanity Hub

Isabel Barberá - Privacy Engineer at Rhite

Joris den Bruinen - Director HSD

Bram de Bruijn - Director Beyond Products


“It was inspiring to see all of the hackers contributing towards the overall goal of creating positive change. Tech absolutely can be a means for good, and events like this, and those who attend, are proof of this.” Rebecca Jurgens – Tenth Revolution Group



The jury took up the challenge to select a winner out of 5 amazing concepts.


1. Business Intelligence for Sustainable Flower Production by LG Flowers & Greenport

The Poppys team designed and built a dashboard to provide all information to flower growers, enabling them to make more sustainable decisions. Information includes weather data, energy costs, flower prices, Google trends and market price forecasts.


2. Combat International Corruption using Open Data by Integrity Initiatives International

The The Innocents team created a corruption monitor that shows relevant data combined with valuable insights, making it easy for corruption investigators, legal experts, and journalists to identify complex corruption schemes quickly.


3. Future of Greenhouse Energy & Heat Efficiency by Greenport & Provincie Zuid-Holland

The M3 team created a platform called GreenNet to support greenhouse growers transition to a more sustainable way of managing their heating, energy, and cooling demands.


4. Anonymisation of Sensitive Data on Social Media by 510: an initiative of the Netherlands Red Cross

What-the-Hack supports the Red Cross teams with a smart tool to translate written language, highlight information which is potentially sensitive, and remove these sensitive data.


5. Assess The Impact of Governmental Policies Before They Get Introduced by Municipality The Hague

The North Sea Sharks present OPEN STAD to facilitate the collaboration between governments and local enterprises by implementing open-source principles.



The Final Winner

After a long discussion, the jury eventually choose The North Sea Sharks with their solution OPEN STAD as the winner of the 5th edition of the Hackathon for Good! Congratulations to: Alexey Budiak, Alexey Udalov, Sergey Kim & Uladzimir Mihura.


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The hackathon saw many hackers, coaches and challenges from HSD partners, such as CFLW Cyber StrategiesRoseman LabsIsunaYES!DelftThe Hague TechGreenport West-HollandGemeente Den HaagProvincie Zuid-HollandTM Systems BVNederlandse AI Coalitie | NL AICBeyond Products B.V. and WorldStartup. In 48 hours, the hackers delivered interesting proof of concept solutions for the challenges. The jury consisting of Jill WilkinsonIsabel B.Bram de Bruijn, and HSD Director Joris den Bruinen was tasked with selecting the final winners.

The Hackathon for Good is an annual event organised by The Hague Tech and WorldStartup, in collaboration with the Hague’s innovation ecosystem consisting of the many innovation hubs and programs in The Hague like ImpactCity, The Hague Security Delta, The Hague Humanity Hub and YES!Delft.


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