Security Delta (HSD) Welcomes Eight New Partners at Partner E-meeting

26 Oct 2021
Author: HSD Foundation

On Monday 25 October, HSD officially welcomed eight new partners during the HSD New Partner E-meeting. In normal times, this meeting is organised as a ‘partner lunch,’ but due to COVID-19 HSD was forced to organise it online again. However, it was a great event again, as general director Joris den Bruinen and partner manager Rick welcomed our new partners to the Dutch security cluster.


The meeting was attended by partners VNGCheck PointAccenture SecurityGroup IBZwart Cyber (Zwarttech), ICTrechtMMOX and Lanner Europe. All partners gave a one-minute pitch about their organisations, and they described the added value of being a partner of HSD.


Kato Vierbergen, programme manager Digital Security & Safety Agenda: ‘We are very happy to join the HSD community. We work on several cybersecurity pillars: cyber security and public safety, digital incident and crisis control, cybercrime. We want to bring our expertise on these matters to the HSD community. Furthermore, we would like to address research and fundamental questions to science, cooperate on our own research agenda, and how we can make science more practical so that municipalities can implement it.’ 


Nelson Ajulo, founder of ZwartCyber: ‘Talent is key. Scarcity of skilled and Senior IT Experts is the topic that everyone is talking about. ZwartCyber, a derivative of Zwarttech provides a solution for this to the Netherlands and the rest of the developed world, in the form of greater access to Senior IT talent within 24 hours. We are a social impact Outstaffing and Outsourcing tech company providing Security specialists to organisations in the West on a Hybrid remote basis. Furthermore, we train youth from underprivileged backgrounds in CyberSecurity skills. By partnering up with HSD, we seek to strengthen our partnerships with knowledge institutions to provide greater access to educational resources.’


Security Delta (HSD) looks forward to a strong and beneficial collaboration with these new partners.

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