Security Delta (HSD) Recognised Publisher ECSO 'Cybersecurity Made in Europe' Label

12 Jul 2022
Author: HSD Foundation

Security Delta (HSD) is an accredited publisher of the European Cybersecurity Organisation (ECSO) 'Cybersecurity Made in Europe' label, effective July 5, 2022. The label serves as a market differentiator based on geographical location and is intended for Dutch cybersecurity companies that are in the process of developing their business. In close cooperation with Cyberveilig Nederland, the label is now affordable and easily available for Dutch cybersecurity companies.


ECSO (European Cybersecurity Organisation) is a European non-profit organisation and partner of the European Commission for the implementation of public-private partnerships in the field of cybersecurity. In addition, ECSO is a recognised player in the European institutional landscape. ECSO supports all kinds of initiatives and projects that aim to develop and promote European cybersecurity.  


The ECSO 'Cybersecurity Made in Europe' label raises awareness of the strategic value of cybersecurity companies that have their origins in Europe and are developing their business based on European values. The label also increases the visibility of these companies among potential business partners, end users and investors in cybersecurity. The label can serve as an accessible way for innovative companies to differentiate themselves from others.


The central issuance of the label by HSD is primarily aimed at Dutch parties. HSD works together with Cyberveilig Nederland for this purpose and provides access to the label for members of both organisations, but the label is also available to other cybersecurity companies. In Europe there are several publishers active of the 'Cybersecurity Made in Europe label' who focus on parties within their region. The role of official publisher of the (ECSO) 'Cybersecurity Made in Europe' label is in line with the HSD partner proposition, whereby HSD partners are brought extra into the limelight at an international level. HSD is also positioning itself further internationally.


"This is a great new milestone in our cooperation with the European Cybersecurity Organisation (ECSO) and Cyberveilig Nederland. Now that we are an acknowledged publisher of the label, this further opens the doors for Dutch cybersecurity companies to be even more visible on the European and global market. The 'Cybersecurity Made in Europe' label can make an essential difference here for these companies and in terms of sovereignty of Dutch and European Cyber Security services and products." Joris den Bruinen, Director Security Delta (HSD)


"Because we pleasantly work together in the Netherlands within the cybersecurity landscape, Cyberveilig Nederland has chosen the HSD as central issuing point towards ECSO. Thus, our members have good and affordable access to the Cybersecurity Made in Europe' label," said Cyberveilig Nederland Director Petra Oldengarm.


To qualify for the 'Cybersecurity Made in Europe label', several requirements must be met. The 'Cybersecurity Made in Europe label' is valid for a period of 12 months, for which there are costs. Companies that want to keep the label, must have the label renewed every year at HSD, where they will be tested again. In principle, HSD is only an issuing authority for companies based in the Netherlands.


The conditions are:

  1. Established in Europe: the company must be registered and have its headquarters in Europe. If the company is part of a larger group, the group must be registered in Europe.
  2. European ownership: there must be no predominance of foreign owners in the ownership circle. 
  3. Europe is the primary market: the company must document that more than 50% of their cybersecurity R&D and more than 50% of their employees are located in the EU27, EFTA, EEA countries and/or the UK.
  4. Credible products and services: the company must certify that they meet the basic requirements of ENISA's 'Indispensable baseline security requirements for the secure ICT products and services'.
  5. Data and privacy: the company must declare its compliance with the GDPR (AVG).


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