NCC Group: Fox-IT's DetACT Becomes Part of DataExpert

22 Dec 2023
Author: HSD Foundation

NCC Group has announced the sale of its DetACT business to HSD partner DataExpert BV. The preventive fraud detection business DetACT will be combining expertise with DataExpert, a Netherlands-based provider of products and services to combat cybercrime and fraud. This synergy promises to expand their counter-fraud services, benefiting their customers.


DetAct, a part of NCC Group’s Fox-IT division, has been providing advanced preventive fraud detection to European financial services clients for over 14 years. A managed service provider of cybercrime, counter fraud and cybersecurity technology solutions, DataExpert combines domain expertise and software solutions to help both public and private customers fight cybercrime and fraud across the Benelux and Nordic regions.


With this acquisition, DataExpert and DetACT will be combining their expertise in fighting fraud and cybercrime, enhancing their security proposition.


DataExpert CEO Robbert Bakker comments:

“The DetACT team and DataExpert share the same DNA: fighting fraud and crime. It’s great to see these two teams coming together to jointly support our customers in their mission.  


“The DetACT solution empowers financial services institutions of all sizes to prevent online banking fraud and by combining it with the domain expertise and services of the DataExpert group, the team can offer end-to-end counter-fraud services. These services range from intelligence gathering to fraud prevention and forensic investigation, often working in close cooperation with law enforcement.  


“Our customers are set to greatly benefit from the synergy of this combined team and from the future innovation and development of the DetACT solution.” 


Source and more information: NCC Group


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