Kiwa and Hudson Cybertec Join Forces in Cybersecurity Training Programmes

20 Jun 2023
Author: HSD Foundation

Starting this summer, testing, inspection and certification specialist Kiwa and cybersecurity expert Hudson Cybertec are partnering to offer global training programmes on the cybersecurity of Operational Technology (OT). Hudson Cybertec has been part of the Kiwa Group since last year and both companies complement each other seamlessly in terms of security and certification services. Now, their collaboration is being intensified in the field of training.


The training offerings focus on the cybersecurity of Operational Technology, as found in industries, infrastructure and energy and utility companies, among others. According to Marcel Jutte, Managing Director at Hudson Cybertec, these types of organisations are increasingly targeted by cybercriminals. "OT systems control and monitor the infrastructure that is essential to a company's primary processes. This means that a security incident can lead to operational disruptions, reputational damage, financial losses and even dangerous situations for people and the environment."


Security strategy

To mitigate cyber risks and in anticipation of new EU directives, such as the NIS2 from October 2024 and later the Cyber Resilience Act, it is essential to protect Operational Technology against cyberattacks and malware. Marcel Jutte explains, ‘This can be achieved through a robust security strategy, including access controls, network segmentation, patch management and threat monitoring. An effective cybersecurity programme ensures the integrity, optimal availability, and confidentiality of OT systems, thereby guaranteeing operational continuity for the organisation.’


Subject matter expert

For over ten years, Hudson Cybertec has been supporting organisations worldwide in securing their OT systems. Jutte states: ‘We are internationally recognised as subject matter experts. One of the guiding principles is the IEC 62443 series of standards, specifically designed to ensure OT cybersecurity with a structured approach to develop and implement cybersecurity measures, particularly in industrial environments. The IEC 62443 is utilised by a wide range of public and private organisations, including operators of wet and dry infrastructures, industrial and building control systems, manufacturers and system integrators.’


IEC 62443 training

According to Jutte, well-trained individuals are crucial for a robust OT security strategy. ‘Participating in IEC 62443 training helps organisations understand the best practices for cybersecurity in the OT domain. This is essential for designing, implementing and maintaining security solutions that comply with the standard. Moreover, organisations that educate and certify their employees according to IEC 62443 demonstrate to their customers and stakeholders that they take cybersecurity seriously and are committed to protecting their OT against threats.’


Read more about the training, here.

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