Dutch House of Representatives Adapts Law Enhancing Cyber Resilience Businesses

21 Mar 2024
Author: HSD Foundation

On Tuesday 19 March 2024, the Dutch House of Representatives adopted a law on promoting digital resilience of companies in the Netherlands. The law regulates a new legal task of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK) in this area. In it, the minister of EZK will be given the task of providing companies with information and advice on vulnerabilities, threats and incidents. This task will be carried out by the Digital Trust Centre.


The Digital Trust Centre (DTC) was established in 2018 within the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate to make the non-critical Dutch business community more resilient against cyber threats. To this end, the minister of EZK has two main tasks that are carried out by the DTC. First, providing cyber resilience information and advice to the business community, such as sharing general threat information and sharing company-specific threat information with individual companies in the Netherlands. Secondly, promoting cooperation between companies on cyber resilience.


The law is an important prerequisite for the government to alert non-critical Dutch companies about digital vulnerabilities and security breaches. When alerting individual companies and organisations, personal data may be processed, for instance IP addresses and the contact details of a company's employees. The law provides the legal basis to perform these tasks. In addition, the law promoting digital resilience of companies is conditional for the new national cyber security organisation, which will emerge after the integration of the DTC, the CSIRT-DSP and the NCSC, to be able to continue to provide the non-critival business community with general and specific information about cyber threats and incidents.


Role Security Delta (HSD)

Did you know that Security Delta (HSD) is also contributing to the cyber resilience of SMEs through our sectorial cyber resilience programme in close collaboration with amongst others the Digital Trust Centre. More info >


Source and more info: Digital Trust Centre (in Dutch)


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