Cybersecurity Talents Broaden Knowledge During International Summer School in The Hague

23 Aug 2022
Author: HSD Foundation

A diverse group of 63 talents (Master students, young professionals and PhD students) with diverse backgrounds from 18 countries will attend the International Cyber ​​Security Summer School (ICSSS) this week in The Hague. From Sunday 21 August to Friday 26 August, this group will attend lectures on the most current cybersecurity topics. They are also challenged with cases, designed by various organisations, to work on new solutions that make our secure digitised world safer.


The ICSSS is the 7th edition of an annual event. This year Security Delta (HSD) is organising this in collaboration with an impressive range of partners such as Leiden University, Europol/European Cyber Crime Center, NATO Communications and Information Agency, Accenture, KPN, Darktrace, Booz Allen Hamilton, Chapter8, De Nederlandse Bank, Deloitte, Sign Post Six, EclecticIQ, Connect2Trust, Secura, SecuredNow, CFLW Cyber Strategies, The Hague Tech and the Dutch Innovation Factory. In addition, speakers such as Bibi van den Berg, Hester Somsen, Peter Zinn, Shanthi Verburg-Karthikeyan, and many other experts will be present for this varied group.


As in previous years, the summer school has put together a highly substantive multidisciplinary program with experts, including challenges, working visits, an HR event with talent matching and social events. The aim of the summer school is to share knowledge and to discover and develop new talents who want to commit themselves to digital security. The Human Capital Agenda (Cyber) Security, developed with several HSD partners, forms the basis of this annual summer school. In this way, we contribute together to improve the connection between education and employers and to attract and develop talent.         



With backgrounds in technology, policy, law, social sciences and business, participants come together to learn more about a multidisciplinary approach to cybersecurity. For example, they learn about cyber incidents, cyber risk and threat management, cryptocurrency investigations, cybercrime as a service and the human factor in cyber security. In addition, they are challenged to come up with innovative solutions for current cybersecurity issues. 


Joris den Bruinen, director of HSD: “Collaboration and talent development in cybersecurity are the key to making our increasingly digitised society safer. The demand for new talent is high, in terms of numbers and certainly also in terms of quality in terms of thorough knowledge of the business. The international and multidisciplinary nature of the summer school, to which more and more partners are joining, contributes to achieving this.”


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