aXite Security Tools Selected to Trial its Cyber Security Solution

21 Sep 2022
Author: HSD Foundation

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has selected aXite Security Tools to trial its artificial intelligence (AI) driven Operational Technology (OT) cyber security solution to guard fielded TSA’s transportation security technology (TSE).


aXite Security Tools is a cybersecurity company focused on data-driven solutions for Operational Technology (OT), that secures technical installations against cyber-attacks and data leaks. Furthermore, aXite Security Tools supports asset management, and delivers innovative solutions to ensure system integrity and full compliance with security directives.


The TSA’s Innovation Task Force (ITF) issued a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for transportation security solutions in December 2021, to identify innovative solutions to increase security effectiveness and operational efficiency in US transportation systems. aXite, affiliated with our programme 'Partners for International Business (PIB) on cybersecurity USA', will deploy its AX-BOX Gatekeeper at the TSA’s Transportation System Integration Facility (TSIF). Thr TSIF is the Agency’s dedicated laboratory to test new and emerging technologies, to secure TSA’s legacy screening equipment.


“We are proud to have been selected by TSA to trial our Gatekeeper and assess its capability to actively protect TSA’s legacy equipment from cyber security threats”, said Bert Willemsen, EVP of aXite Security Tools. “OT systems are at the heart of critical systems that operate, automate and manage industrial machines and equipment. Our solution has been developed to actively protect the world’s critical infrastructure and complex operational environments against OT cyber threats.”


TSA is the first in the US to trial aXite’s solution, and aXite’s solutions are deployed and in use in airports and installations in Europe.


“Addressing operational technology security of legacy system is one of the most important

tasks for organisations today and TSA is taking a leading role to identify and implement

potential end-point detection and defense solutions for sensitive Industrial Control System

environments”, said Menno Cadee, Technical Director of aXite Security Tools. “Recent High

profile attacks have highlighted the vulnerability of systems presented by converged IT and OT networks.” 

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