The Northernlands Data Startup Summit

02 May 2019
10:00h - 16:00h
ODI Leeds , 3rd Floor, Munro House , Leeds , LS9 8AG
Organised by:
Open Data Instituut Leeds and The Kingdom of the Netherlands

A 1-day summit that will bring together the people who are creating the data economy to explore the diversity, untapped value, and potential for innovation. Artists, activists, organisations, businesses, data scientists, strategists, citizens – we all have something to gain from innovation with data but we can all do something to contribute as well. The summit will generate conversations and create real actions, for health and wellbeing, value, trust, and the future.


The morning will kick-off with a keynote from Jeni Tennison, CEO of the Open Data Institute, and from our Northernlands artists Akeelah Bertram, Mr Gee and more, followed by a series of talks from some of the most creative and innovative voices in data and startups from the North of England & The Netherlands.

The afternoon will offer the chance to get hands-on with technical demonstrations and learn from the experts in workshops about data visualisation, ethics, innovation, AI, machine learning, and more. Throughout the day, running alongside the talks and workshops, will be the Startup Cafe, offering a dedicated space for showcasing startup success stories, finding out more about the startup life/culture, asking questions, finding mentors, and more.


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