The Hague Business Agency Conference

18 September 2020
10:00h - 12:00h
Organised by:
The Hague Business Agency

The Hague has positioned itself as an impact city and is consdierd themost welcoming city in the Netherlands for internationals. We emphasize on doing businesses and doing good at the same time. Join this mini-conference to find out why this is so important for us and understand more about the opportunities of doing business in our region. 


Who is it for?: This webinar is for active international entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to expand their businesses to Europe, looking for investors, partners, strategic contacts and guidance in various business related matters. 


What will be covered?:

  • Personal experiences of entrepreneurs in the South-Holland region
  • What does The Hague offer to the Indian businesses and entrepreneurs? (Economic vision)
  • what did the Netherlands and The Hague do to support entrepreneurship in response to COVID-19 crisis? (government initiatives, social distancing, etc) 
  • What are the businesses, collaboration and funding opportunities in The Hague for international entrepreneurs?
  • If I am intersted in starting or expanding my business to the Netherlands, where can I start?


HSD Partners involved