Masterclass Security Analytics

31 January 2017
09:30h - 16:00h
Headquarter SecureLink Netherlands, Sliedrecht
Organised by:
SecureLink Nederland

Most organizations are often tempting targets for attackers. Smaller organizations may not have as much valuable data as larger enterprises, but they often present fewer obstacles to successfully attack. Companies that are subject to industry regulation, such as PCI (DSS), ISAE3402, NEN7110 and others must have security controls in place to reduce business risk to an acceptable level. With the ‘Meldplicht Datalekken’ and upcoming EU regulation GDPR (General Data Protection Law), having visibility and a data governance structure is more crucial then ever. Security analytics tools, processes and people can help mitigate the risk of data breaches and other attacks, but they should meet several criteria to fit the constraints of small and midsize businesses.

This Masterclass provides a great way to understand and explore the value of security analytics and approaches to enable organizations to quickly determine courses of action in response to ever changing cybersecurity threats. Emphasis will be focused on building a sustained ecosystem for cybersecurity and using security analytics techniques to determine appropriate responses to prevent cyber attacks events by neutralizing threats before they have a chance to gather momentum. To do this effective and safe automation and integration of security tools, processes and people are critical.

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