i3B Jaarsymposium

18 December 2014
13:00h - 17:00h
HAN Automotive, Ruitenberglaan 29, Arnhem (volg campus-noord, parkeerplaats P6)
Organised by:
ICT Innovation Platform Brain & Cognition

ICT for Brain, Body and Behavior (i3B) is a cluster of high-tech SMEs and knowledge institutes that initiate and carry out R&D and business development in the area of brain, cognition, physiology and behavior. i3B is an independent network, established by the Dutch “National Initiative Brain and Cognition” (NIHC). i3B is a foundation and full owner of i3B Innovations B.V., an EU-acknowledged SME and eligible to participate in European projects as a third party.

i3B’s application domains are wide, like ICT in Health, Food, Mobility, Security and Ambient Assisted Living. i3B develops ICT tools to monitor, provide feedback and change behavior; in a wide variety of circumstances like eating, buying, driving, human-system interaction, moving (sports, elderly), stress, social interaction, psychiatric disorders,  workplace ergonomics, sleep quality, precision livestock farming and animal models of human disease.

The i3B organisation undertakes a range of activities for the benefit of the participating companies and other interested parties. A provisional but non-exhaustive list of activities is provided below. These activities are not initiated all at once; we have started with a limited number of activities and will extend them according to market demand and the needs of participants.

Programme (in Dutch)
13:00 uur Inlooplunch

13:45 uur Welkomstwoord
Simon Haafs (directeur Stichting i3B) & Joop Pauwelussen (directeur HAN Automotive)

14:00 uur Security, Cognition & Crowd Behavior
Voorzitter - Jan Lavén (IN-veiligheid)
• Emilia Barakova (TU Eindhoven) - Emoties in groepen in het veiligheidsdomein
• Jeroen van Rest (TNO) - Ontwikkeling van passieve sensoren in het veiligheidsdomein
• John Schavemaker (TNO) - Crowd Emotion Monitor
• Hans van Kuilenburg (VicarVision) - Automatische herkenning van verdacht gedrag

15:10 uur Pauze met thee & koffie, bedrijvenmarkt

15:40 uur Mobility, Cognition & Driver Behavior
Voorzitter - Dick Lenior (Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen)
• Riender Happee (TU Delft) - The interaction of automated vehicles with the human
user and other road users
• Karel Kural (HAN) - Driver behavior during reversing of commercial vehicles
• Tobias Heffelaar (Noldus) - DriveLab: advanced driving simulator for research on
driver behavior and driver-system interaction
• Jasper Michiel van Hemert (TomTom) - De TomTom van de toekomst begrijpt de

16:50 uur Afsluiting
Lucas Noldus (voorzitter Stichting i3B)

17:00 uur Borrel, rondleiding door het Applied Research
Laboratory Automotive, bedrijvenmarkt

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