HSD Café: Data Breach Notification Requirements

06 November 2014
16:00h - 17:45h
HSD Campus, Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 104, 2594 AN, The Hague
Organised by:
The Hague Security Delta

HSD Café: Data Breach Notification Requirements

The general Personal Data Breach Notification Requirement is on the horizon. Both the Dutch government and European Commission have proposed legislation which will oblige many organisations to take security measures and report personal data breaches without further delay. Non compliance might result in high financial penalties. Is your organisation well prepared for this? Is the personal data of your employees and customerswell secured?

Data breaches are increasingly in the news. Last month JPMorgan Chase acknowledged that it had been breached and that contact information of 76 million of its clients was leaked. Data breach refers to the loss, theft or abuse of personal data. The Dutch government and European Commission have proposed legislation obligating organisations to take security measures and to report personal data breaches without further delay to supervisory agencies and to those directly affected by the breach: employees and/or customers. Non compliance might result in a fine of 450.000 euro by the Dutch government. The European Commission’s proposed regulation furthermore obligates organisations with more than 250 employees and/or organisations that process personal data of more than 5000 persons to appoint a Data Protection Officer. Non compliance with the European proposed regulations can lead to even higher fines, up to 100 million euro or up to 5% of the enterprise’s turnover.  

The expected Personal Data Breach Notification Requirements will not solely affect large companies, but as well small and medium enterprises and whole supply chains. What will be the impact of the proposed legislation and how can organisations prepare themselves?   

We have invited the following speakers:

Drs. André Biesheuvel RE RA, Managing Partner at Duthler Associates, will speak about the content of the proposed legislation and on the impact of these proposals on organisations from a legal perspective. Duthler Associates is a consultancy firm which consults on ICT Law, Compliance, Privacy and Governance

Rence Damming, Privacy Officer of KPN, will tell about KPN’s experience and best practices with designing the process of implementing the Data Breach Notification Act. Internet service providers and telecom providers have been obliged to take adequate measures to report data breaches since June 2012.

Harko Robroch, Facilitator (a.k.a. CEO) at Riscure, will speak about the impact of the proposed legislation on supply chains. He will furthermore speak about balancing the value of collecting and storing personal data with the effort and cost of protecting it. Riscure tests the security of consumer products for organizations in the digital content,
banking, telecom and digital ID industries.

Eric Vink, senior consultant at Awareness, a consultancy firm on policy marketing, will speak about communication pitfalls and stepping stones for creating stakeholder awareness on the topic.

This café is sponsored by Duthler Associates and Redsocks. Duthler Associates is a consultancy firm operating at the intersection of ICT, Law and Governance and is specialised in privacy and compliance concerns. Redsocks is a Dutch company that specialises in malware detection. They have developed the Redsocks Malware Threat Defender, a network appliance that analyses digital traffic flows in real-time, making it possible to identify Internet threats and protect corporate data.

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