Hackathon Netwerk Brandweer - powered by VIAS & EYnovation

17 October 2019 - 18 October 2019
07:00h - 10:00h
EY Antwerp - Wavespace Borsbeeksebrug 26 2600 Antwerp Belgium
Organised by:
VIAS & EYnovation

Netwerk Brandweer, the Vias institute and EY, organize a hackathon aimed at future-proofing fire departments. “Toekomstvisie Brandweer 2030” is a program of the Belgian fire departments, looking at emerging technologies and innovations, and how these can be applied to benefit citizens across the country. 


During approximately 24 hours, your team will have the opportunity to create digital and innovative solutions relevant for the fire departments. A diverse and dedicated team of experts and coaches will assist you during the process.


Who are we looking for?

For this Hackathon, EYnovation is looking for startups, scale-ups, established organizations, developers, UX/UI designers who want to grab the opportunity to contribute to the future of public safety by improving the fire service operations in a connected world. More specifically, the teams will work on one of the challenges below.


The Challenges 

We are specifically looking for teams that can hack together innovative and disruptive solutions in one of the following areas


Smart Homes and Buildings Challenge: How can we use SMART technology in buildings to our advantage to help the Fire Department in fire detection and prevention?


Smart Mobility Challenge: How to track and allocate firefighting resources in the most efficient way possible given the challenges in mobility (electric transport, mobility as a service, automation and smart infrastructure, etc.)?


Smart Fire Service Challenge: How can emerging technologies (VR, AR, Drones, Wearable technologies, etc.) assist the firefighter in carrying out their job on-site?