Guest Hacker Program - Tonimir Kišasondi - Blockchain and Smart Contract vulnerabilities

24 April 2018
14:00h - 15:30h
KPN, The Hague, Maanplein 55, TP5, Serre
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Each month a Guest Hacker Program is being organized at KPN. For this program KPN Chief Information Security Office (CISO) invites prominent experts from the security industry to tell their story. In the past, Phil Zimmermann, Martin Roesch, Mikko Hyponnen and Karsten Nohl spoken here.

On 24 April the next Guest Hacker Program will take place. Tonimir Kišasondi, Head of the Open Systems and Security Laboratory and professor at one of the biggest universities of Croatia will be giving a presentation titled ‘Blockchain and Smart Contract vulnerabilities’.

Tonimir Kišasondi is the Head of the Open Systems and Security Laboratory at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics where he mentors students in the art of information security. From his industrial cooperation side, he specializes in helping software, IoT and blockchain companies from the EU and US build secure products from the design to the production stage. His professional and research area of interest is security architecture, security testing & analysis and applied cryptography.

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