First HSD Café on Privacy and Security

06 March 2014
16:00h - 17:45h
HSD Campus, Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 104, 2594 AN, The Hague
Organised by:
The Hague Security Delta

The first-ever HSD Café will take place on Thursday the 6th of March from 16.00 to 17.45. In an informal session, we will focus on one of the most pressing security problems of our time: how do we secure our privacy in an ever more digital world? Are we approximating George Orwell’s 1984, where “[t]here was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment”? Or can privacy and security concerns go hand in hand? And what can your organization offer to solve such problems? The HSD Café will start with an introduction by Professor Jan van den Berg from the Cyber Security Academy and Bart Schermer from Considerati/Leiden University, after which there will be an informal discussion. The Café closes with drinks and networking opportunities.

More background information on the topic is available in the first HSD Issue Brief No Faustian Pact: Balancing Privacy and Security. It shows how the rapid increase of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has profoundly changed the debate on security and privacy concerns. Criminals, terrorists, corporations, and foreign spies are developing ever more sophisticated ways to get their hands on our personal data. To tackle these and other threats, surveillance programs have become ever more expansive. Read our briefing for more information on the main challenges and solutions.

Moderator: Ida Haisma 

About the HSD Café

16.00-17.00 Presentation + Discussion
17.00-17.45 Drinks and networking

The HSD Cafés are organized for HSD partners on every first and third Thursday of each month (except on public holidays). From cyber to critical infrastructure, 20 sessions will be organized around security topics relevant for companies, the government, and knowledge organizations. The event is organised for HSD Partners, but please feel free to bring a business contacts. In the first hour (16.00-17.00) of each HSD Café, an expert will briefly present a security topic, dilemma, or innovation, followed by an informal discussion. The second part of the HSD Café (17.00-17.45) will consists of drinks and a possibility to network. 
The HSD Cafés provide an excellent opportunity to meet (potential) business partners, bring along your contacts, expand your knowledge, and shape the debate on key security issues of the future. Tell us what you think. Let your voice count, expand your network, and join the debate!