Final Conference EVIDENCE

29 September 2016 - 30 September 2016
08:30h - 18:30h
The Hotel NH Den Haag, Pr. Margrietplantsoen 100
Organised by:
EVIDENCE - European Informatics Data Exchange

EVIDENCE aims at providing a Road Map (guidelines, recommendations, and technical standards) for realising the missing Common European Framework for the systematic and uniform application of new technologies in the collection, use and exchange of evidence. This Road Map incorporating standardized solutions would enable policy maker to realize an efficient regulation, treatment and exchange of digital evidence, LEAs as well as judges/magistrates and prosecutors and lawyers practising in the criminal field to have at their disposal as legal/technological background a Common European Framework allowing them to gather, use and exchange digital evidences according to common standards and rules. EVIDENCE’s activities have enabled the implementation of a stable network of experts in digital forensics communicating and exchanging their opinions. The first ‘EVIDENCE Annual Conference: Digital Evidence Trends and Perspectives’ of the EVIDENCE Project is focused on bringing together different stakeholders in this network – including policy makers, LEAs, associations of judges/bars, prosecutors, lawyers, forensic experts and forensic associations, governmental organisations, civil society and academics – to collectively share knowledge and experience, think together about issues, decision-making, and practices, and develop recommended ways forward on the issues of Digital Evidence.


Aware that the field of Digital Evidence is ever-changing and that the technical possibilities are constantly developed allowing for new technical/legal solutions, part of our task is to work on considering a number of possible (legal) solutions to ensure that effective criminal investigation can take place and that European values and fundamental human rights can be properly respected. The main objective of this first EVIDENCE Annual Conference is the creation of a Road Map outlining a desirable future technological, legal and institutional framework for the continuous development in the domain of Digital Evidence.