Cyber Security Week 2015

13 April 2015 - 17 April 2015
HSD Campus, Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 104, Den Haag
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Showcasing the Strength of Dutch Cyber Security Innovations and Knowledge

In the same week as the Global Conference on Cyber Space 2015 and the One Conference, a unique ‘Cyber Security Week’ (CSW) will be held at the  campus of The Hague Security Delta, the largest security cluster in Europe. You are welcome to visit this national innovation centre for security, meet some of the key players in the cyber security domain, participate in threat battles and experience the latest innovations!

Monday 13 April: Access to Talent
The first day of the CSW will be dedicated to spark the interest of the youth concerning cyber security. Qualified personnel is of vital importance for the creation of innovative security solutions and thus the protection of organisations and society as a whole. Several events, such as a Hacklab, will be organised to promote the security sector to elementary & college students.

Tuesday 14 April: Access to Market
Acces to business & knowledge partners, launching customers and international markets are of great importance while developing innovations and doing business in cyber security. On this day a matchmaking event and an incoming international trade mission are organised, leading to both national and international trade opportunities.

Wednesday-Thursday 15-16 April: Access to Innovations
It is important that organisations and society as a whole stay on top of their game to protect themselves against cyber threats. At the Innovation Room Dutch innovations in cyber security will be showcased.

Innovation Room
At the Innovation Room 20 Dutch leading cyber security innovations are demonstrated . It also is the place to meet experts from the cyber domain. The Innovation Room is open for cyber professionals, students, and people interested in the latest developments in the cyber security field . It will be opened by the Dutch Minister of  Economic Affairs.

Friday 17 April: Access to Capital
Capital is necessary to develop innovative ideas into working systems/products. Therefore, on the final day of the CSW a Dragons Den, and a start-up accelerator programme will take place.

More Information
For more information about the total programme of the Cyber Security Week and to subscribe for events please visit: (available from medio March)

Secure Digital Gateway to Europe
The Netherlands is well known for its excellent logistics and infrastructure, and its strategic position in the European Union. These strengths have earned it the title ‘Gateway to Europe’. The Netherlands’ modern IT environment and presence of the national security cluster ‘The Hague Security Delta’ makes it the secure digital gateway to Europe as well.  The Netherlands owes this position primarily to its:
- well-functioning, state-of-the-art digital infrastructure
- vibrant IT sector doing world-class research
- businesses, governments, and knowledge institutions working together on  innovations
- consumers and companies, which are quick to embrace IT innovations.

Thanks to these favourable conditions, a wide range of foreign IT and cyber security companies have opened offices in the Netherlands. Many leading IT companies have located their European headquarters in the country, which also has several dynamic IT clusters.

The Hague, European Cyber Security Capital
In addition The Hague has established itself as a major hub for cyber security in Europe, which is demonstrated by the presence of the European Cybercrime Centre Europol (EC3), the National Cyber Security Centre, NATO Communications and Information Agency, Cyber Security Academy, and wide range of cyber security businesses. The city is also home to The Hague Security Delta Campus, where  businesses, governments and knowledge institutions collaborate to develop innovative security solutions.

Global Conference on Cyber Space 2015 
On 16-17 April 2015 the Netherlands will host the fourth Global Conference on Cyberspace (GCCS) in The Hague. Representatives from governments, private sector and civil society will gather in order to promote practical cooperation in cyberspace, to enhance cyber capacity building, and to discuss norms for responsible behavior in cyberspace. 

The conference will bring stakeholders from various backgrounds together to discuss these challenges in a comprehensive manner. Only by working together globally can we guarantee that the most crucial piece of societal infrastructure of the 21st century will remain free, open and secure. In that way the full potential of the cyber domain can be used. More information: 

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