US Based Neuvik Has Chosen HSD Campus for their First International Office

09 May 2024
Author: HSD Foundation

Neuvik, a pioneering cybersecurity firm founded in the US in 2021, has chosen the HSD Campus in The Hague as the home for their first international office! This strategic move not only aligns with The Hague's esteemed reputation as the International City of Peace and Justice but also enriches the vibrant cybersecurity ecosystem. Neuvik, currently under 25 employees and growing, has been officially welcomed by InnovationQuarter, the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, the Municipality of The Hague and Security Delta (HSD) at RSA Conference 2024. 


Ryan Leirvik, Co-Founder and CEO of Neuvik, sees their mission directly in line with that of The Hague. In the world of Information Technology, ethics and legal issues matter. "We work to allow people peace and to provide solutions that bring justice to those that try to disrupt the peace in the digital world,” as he mentioned their alignment with the city.


Built by experienced professionals within the cybersecurity space including authors and SANS trainers, Neuvik is taking a high-level and detailed approach to the cybersecurity landscape. Like many cybersecurity companies, Neuvik is working to solve clients’ security challenges, but they are going a step further. This involves identifying and resolving root causes of security problems and preventing them from resurfacing. They broke down most organisations’ issues into three parts: finding vulnerabilities, training practitioners, and managing risk



Neuvik attended RSA this year where they aimed to connect with potential clients and likeminded members of the cybersecurity community. With a focus on discussing opportunities to continuously solve the cybersecurity problem, Neuvik is looking for truly innovative answers. They are attending conferences throughout the year and will be at ONE Conference in The Hague where they will potentially be giving multiple talks and presentations. This helps to further Neuvik’s mission, where Ryan discusses their goal to “constantly learn and innovate, while teaching the next generation of cybersecurity defenders.”  



Ryan spoke about the transition to Zuid-Holland, with the support of InnovationQuarter, NFIA, the Dutch Government, and HSD Campus. 

Ryan: "It was HSD Campus, NFIA and InnovationQuarter teams who really stood out and made a very attractive offer and helped us build strong relationships. They acted as an immediate trusted partner, helping shepherd us through the process” 


Neuvik is expecting to grow their team in the next few years, already impressed with the top tier talent available in the Netherlands. With the help of Jean-Francois stepping into the role of Director of European Operations, Neuvik hopes to help their clients in the EU move beyond regulatory issues and focus on what is having the largest impact on their businesses. Ryan is excited to start their journey of, as he put it, “Peace, Justice, and Stroopwafels.”


Read the interview by InnovationQuarter.

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