Opportunities for HSD SME Partners to Explore Canada and the full North American Market

17 Nov 2015
Author: HSD Foundation

In close collaboration with Invest Ottawa, the Dutch Embassy in Ottawa, the Canadian Embassy to the Netherlands and InnovationQuarter, HSD has set up the Canada-Netherlands Cyber and Security Technologies Soft Landing Platform. HSD SME partners that are interested in exploring the North American market get a unique opportunity to “soft land” for a trail period in Ottawa, Canada’s national hub for the cyber, defence and security sectors with easy access to the full North American market. Each company will land between now and March 31, 2016 for a period of up to three months. Within this period, start dates and duration of soft landings for each company are flexible, and these decisions are tailored to company needs. Canadian SMEs get the opportunity to land in The Hague.

By participating in the programme, each firm will be provided with access to key resources and support by Invest Ottawa and HSD to build a strong regional network in the markets and make strategic connections. Ultimately, the program is conceived to provide a low risk entry trial to Canadian and Dutch companies entering a new international market, accessing the resources they need to more readily tap into commercial opportunities by connecting with new partners, closing new deals, and possibly setting up a permanent presence in the market.