Informing Entrepreneurs on Cyber Security at 'Den Haag Onderneemt'

04 Jun 2022
Author: HSD Foundation

More than 500 entrepreneurs gathered Tuesday 31 May at the Fokker Terminal in The Hague to gain inspiration and exchange ideas. During ‘Den Haag Onderneemt’, Security Delta (HSD) together with deputy mayor Saskia Bruines, officially launched Cyber Kracht: a platform with useful tips & tricks for entrepreneurs interested in cyber security. 


In collaboration with Pepijn Vissers (Chapter8), Xander Koppelmans and Barend Frans (Dutch Police), we informed more than 50 entrepreneurs on the consequences of cyberattacks, the importance of pressing charges and how to digitally protect their company. Xander Koppelmans is an entrepreneur himself who sadly fell victim to a cyberattack in 2015. Since then, he has overcome bankruptcy, a divorce and even homelessness because of the loss he suffered after the cybercrime his company endured. Now he gladly shares his story with other entrepreneurs to spread the word on cyber security. 

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Empowering Entrepreneurs with Cyber Kracht 

Cyber Kracht is a platform that uses video in the form of Talks and articles (Tools) with simple steps on how to make your company more cyber resilient by using 2FA, a password manager and the importance of back-ups. Content created together with partners, cyber security experts, the police and entrepreneurs themselves. During ‘Den Haag Onderneemt’, we officially launched the program and platform together with The Hague's alderman for Economic Affairs, International Affairs and Municipal Services.


Strengthen Entrepreneurship in The Hague

This was the 4th edition of ‘Den Haag Onderneemt’ with the theme: ‘Doing business after a pandemic’. What have entrepreneurs learned from COVID-19 and how do they look at the future? During the event other seminars were held on current themes such as recruitment, SEO, and sustainability.




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