Hexegic Chosen as Company of the Month by The Hague Business Agency

13 Sep 2018
Author: HSD Foundation

Hexegic, a new network partner to The Hague Security Delta, has been chosen as company of the month by The Hague Business Agency for August, 2018. A flexible company with roots in the UK, Hexegic's main strength lies in providing consultancy and training in the fields of cyber, risk and intelligence.


In February 2018, Hexegic established an office in the city of The Hague, the Netherlands. The company's decision to establish itself in The Hague was based, according to Hexegic's Head of Intelligence, Ammi Virk, upon the city possessing great potential and its valuable contribution to local and international businesses. Moreover, Hexegic is working with several international organisations to analyse large data requirements and assist in delivering Cyber and OSINT awareness for the work that delegates are undertaking. Hexegic is currently actively discussing with potential Dutch partners to develop cyber resilience solutions for cities.


When asked by The Hague Business Agency on what Hexagic concerns itself with, Virk replies: "We help to build secure infrastructures for our clients or assess their cyber risks via our cyber barrier assessment platform, ensuring their systems and data are safe."


Having given itself time to grow a network and accomodate to The Hague city, Hexegic is being launched formally on the 20th of September at the British Embassy in The Hague. For more information on this event, visit the following link.

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