Telindus and Compumatica Start Collaboration

05 Jul 2023
Author: HSD Foundation

Strategic IT partner Telindus announces the collaboration with Compumatica, manufacturer of hardware and software in the field of data security. This way they expand their managed secure connectivity services with Post Quantum Proof security solutions.


There is a risk that the arrival of quantum computers could eventually break existing cryptographic standards. To enable organisations to arm themselves against this threat, Telindus integrates Compumatica's CryptoGuard and CompuCrypt XL solutions into its managed secure connectivity services. Telindus thus offers a complete secure connectivity platform that has been certified by the AIVD (General Intelligence and Security Service) for the classification levels Departmental Confidential, Nato Restricted and EU Restricted and meets the security guidelines set against the threat of quantum computers.


Post quantum proof and compliant

"The developments in the field of quantum computing are going fast. Organisations need to realise that data they currently transport over their networks in encrypted form may be decrypted in the near future. We remind our customers that they need to move now to make their security environment post quantum proof and stay compliant," says Tom Engels, Proposition Lead and Product Manager Networking at Telindus. "I am delighted that we can partner on this with Compumatica, which has extensive experience and offers proven and certified encryption solutions. Telindus delivers this as part of its managed secure connectivity proposition so customers are assured of scalability, performance, flexibility and optimal security."


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