NWO Issues €15 Million in a New Call for Cybersecurity for Digital Resilience

06 Oct 2023
Author: HSD Foundation

NWO opened the Knowledge and Innovation Covenant (KIC) call ‘Cybersecurity for Digital Resilience, with a total budget of €15 Million. With this call, NWO aims to boost knowledge and innovation with a focus on solutions to digital security issues. New projects are necessary to support safe digital and social transitions and enhance the Netherland’s digital resilience. Each selected project can receive a maximum of €3,4 Million in subsidies. Candidates are invited to participate in an online information session on 25 October 2023.


About the call


NWO brings companies and knowledge institutions together and funds groundbreaking research based on their innovative, impactful research proposals. This programme was created to boost the Netherland’s cyber resilience. Each project will relate to the following 7 research themes:


  • Security by design
  • Secure data-driven operations
  • Secure and resilient connectivity
  • Operational technology (OT) and IoT security and secure integration with IT
  • Cyber risk management
  • Security of systems and supply chains
  • Cyber knowledge and skills


The call and research themes fall under the priorities of the Cybersecurity for the Netherlands (CS4NL) programme. The priorities of CS4NL follow the multi-year mission-driven innovation programmes from the Knowledge and Innovation Agendas (KIA) Safety and Key Technologies, as part of the Knowledge and Innovation Covenant (KIC). The KIC stands for groundbreaking innovative solutions with social and economic impact. Find more information about the themes and call here.


The total amount of subsidies for this call amounts to a total of 15 million euros. A maximum subsidy of 3.4 million euros can be allocated per awarded project. For each project, a private contribution of at least 15% is requested.



  • October 25, 2023 – information meeting (online)
  • December 7, 2023 - matchmaking session (in Utrecht)
  • January 11, 2024 - deadline declaration of intent (research description)
  • April 16, 2024 - proposal deadline
  • December 2024 – subsidy decision


NOW invites interested candidates to participate in an online information session on 25 October from 13:00 until 14:00. The procedure involves initiatives and workshops which will be explained during the meeting.



Source in Dutch: https://www.nwo.nl/nieuws/call-open-15-miljoen-euro-voor-cybersecurity-voor-digitale-weerbaarheid

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